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Top 9 Best dedicated web hosting servers in 2022

Top 9 Best dedicated web hosting servers in 2022 Hosting a website on a dedicated server has many advantages. The main features (or advantages over the shared and VPS hosting) of using dedicated servers are Root Access, complete control of resources, and optimized resources like- RAM, Space, Processing, Dedicated IPs. These features are advantageous for designing applications like discussion forums, games, reseller hosting may opt for this solution.  Dedicated website hosting provides resources (Software + Hardware) dedicatedly for the one website hosting a website. Dedicated web hosting is preferable where the organization has enough expertise to maintain the server and peripherals of the system. It is also useful where the requirement of resources is more and can't be tackled with shared and VPS hosting. It may have several variants based on the applicability Managed dedicated web Hosting - Configuration and routine maintenance is tackled by the website hosting service providers.