How to start a money-making blog in 2022
(free guide for beginners)

Is it really possible to make money online using a blog? If yes, then How to use blogging to make money online? The answer is yes blogging is a convincing money-making option in 2022. There are a lot of success stories available on the internet, they have published their years earning to motivate new bloggers. Hurdle, in this case, is how to approach this money-making process? The step by step procedure to write a blog is as mentioned below with the help of 12 different steps.

Along with these steps, there are some common guidelines that can be followed. For example, per hour if one wants to start the business and get 100$, in that case, whether to use keywords with a high cost per click or low cost per click? How to select a volume for the same, that is a keyword with high volume or low volume? Similarly how to select the competition of a keyword? Answer to this question is to start with the keyword with low competition high volume irrespective of the cost per click value of these keywords. The reason behind this type of selection is to give exposure to the contents. Once the site is ranked it will have a positive impact on the gain of money. On the other hand for other alternative ranking is compromised with cost per click and volume, this will increase the time required for ranking.

Likewise one may have any customized approach other than this to make more money in less amount of time. Analysis and sketching the tentative plan of all possible parameters affecting the blog will save a lot of time and efforts for boosting the performance of a blog and making the blog a successful blog.

Steps required to start a blog in 2022

1) Identify (your strength) what you can do? What you can share and write?

2) Identify the category matching your expectation

3) Refer to the success story from a category

4) Keyword Research

5) Design the outline, mark the milestone

6) Domain Hosting

7) Website Hosting

8) Optimization of content

9) Monetization of the content

10) Social Media Interaction

11) Keep updating

12) Create basic pages

Steps suggested starting a blog in 2022

1) Identify (your strength) what you can do? What you can share and write?

Often the most money-making bloggers are searched and one may tend to select the same topic as somebody else is earning money using that topic. Never do that, one can refer to the successful blog as a case study but it can't be imitated. You have to keep writing about what you are good at, have patience and you will be able to capitalize your write-ups. There are a lot of approaches available for writing a blog. The suitable approach for building a blog is to be finalized. For example, I feel I can create humorous content than technical and any other content. Here we are talking about the perseverance to serve the audience with a variety of content.

Second example: I am not a doctor but with the help of the steps that followed I lost 10 pounds in 2 months. This can be easily explained rather than speculating the weight loss tips without knowing the actual reality.

How to do that?

Take a paper write down your likings

Write about your favorite past time

Mention something that you are very good at

What would you like to do on holiday?

Also mention a few points about something that irritates you, bore you, or you are not bothered about.

I am sure you must have ended with what you like and what are your strengths?

2) Identify the category matching your expectation

Identification of your strengths and skills will filter list the topics to be selected. Considering the same example we discussed in point number 1. If comedy is my strength, can the same be a category to start my blog? Definitely, The strength can be well utilized as a lot of content can be generated continuously and since you are good at it there is a chance to address some unique elements which sound interesting for your audience.

How to do that?

What I can express so that people will find it interesting

How do I know the expectation of the people by simply checking the volume of search

Terms searched for weight loss

The volume of a search on weight loss

4) Likewise, you can search the volume for other specific category related to the weight loss

5) Use your strengths to address what people like to read

3) Refer to the success story from a category

You find blog writing after deciding the area of interest and expectation of people, a bit difficult. To solve this problem you can search for various blogs in the same category. This type of search will not only guide you in the way of writing but will also give you an idea about the benchmark to be equated or to be beaten.

How to do that?

Find the blogs, videos, apps in the same domain

Understand, what are they addressing? The way that they are addressing

What can be added to write the article on the same topic with value addition (I am not saying copy or add the contents directly from the existing blog. I am suggesting to analyze it so that the article that you will write will seek more attention)

4) Keyword Research

There are some tools that will give you an idea about the Click per Cost, volume, Domain Authority, Competition, etc.

How to do that?

There are various keyword research tools available like Google Trend, Ahref, Ubersuggest, workstream, etc. You can choose any tool that you are comfortable with.

Here for the same example of “weight loss” is used. Ubersuggest tool is used to analyze the keywords for displaying search volume, SEO difficulty, paid difficulty, and cost per click.

Analysis of weight loss

Search Difficulty is acceptable if the value is under 20, the value above 20 indicates more competition. Below the analysis about the subcategories or specific keywords related with weight loss are described and analysed.

Analysis of subcategories in weight loss

5) Design the outline, mark the milestone

Now, the design of a blog can be completed. Design means what points are to be covered in the article?

How to do that?

Introduce the novelty and uniqueness in an article

Cover the point in-depth

Check whether the keywords used are aligned with the volume and other details discussed earlier.

Is this article worth enough to have some interesting facts, analysis, etc?

6) Domain Hosting

Completing the article ready now it is time to publish it. Publishing the article using the blog domain is required. There are various types of, .net, .info based on the purpose of the blog. This is used to identify the blog. The use of the relevant name can help in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) boosting.

How to do that?

Check the availability of a domain

Prefer the .com extension over the other extensions

The domain name of a blog need to be relevant with the contents inside the blog

Domain Name Registration using Hostinger

7) Website Hosting

This is an important phase in the website registration process. Select the cheap hosting plan from the list of plans available for hosting.

There are different types of hosting available, to start with the hosting is suitable. It is up to your discretion to choose managed Hosting, dedicated Hosting or Cloud Hosting.

Technology and design part is also to be considered during the hosting, these are few alternatives that one can think upon

Linux with CPanel hosting - If you want to develop the website and host it without using CMS like WordPress or so.

Wordpress Hosting - Wordpress is advisable if you want to offload the headache of maintaining the site Content Managed System (CMS)

Using Website Builder- To completely use an automated approach to design and host a blog, the use of Wix or Weebly is recommended for blogging. The automation will cost you but the time required to design and the host is saved completely. As a beginner, I suggest focusing on the business logic part rather than learning the basics of design and hosting. Once the blog is stable you may switch to any platform of your choice.

15 Best 15 Free website hosting service providers in 2022

12 website hosting service providers in 2022

8) Optimization of content - Once the article writing is completed, it has to be designed in such a way so that it can be conveyed to the audience.

There are a few important points that need to be addressed in the article so that the search engines can find the contents and convey them to people. For the sake of simplicity, only basic and important points are discussed here.

How to do that?

Structural Optimization - The article should have h1 HTML tag for the title. There need to be proper labels given to the article. This is also called On-Page Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Behavioral Optimization - Submission of URL to various search engines so that the indexing can be done appropriately. Contents of an article should be publicly available in such a format so that they can be crawled and prepare a base for indexing.

Reference Optimization - Article should be recognized by the audience and search engines also based on the links referring to the article and also the various sources to which the article is pointing. There are do follow and no follow links helping article in proving the authenticity of an article.

9) Monetization of the content -

How to monetize the content designed? There are various ways to monetize the content. Before applying the monetization it is always better to work on two important aspects-

a) Advertisement Display- Advertisement related to the post written and advertising relevant to the interest of the user are displayed in an article. Based on the number of people viewing these Advertisements, an amount is deposited to the blogger. Amount offered to view the advertisement varies according to the domain, demography etc. Google Adsense and Media are one of major Advertisement Display vendors.

b) Affiliate Marketing - When the article redirects the control to the product selling website, after successful purchase some share is offered to the blogger. Examples are Clickbank, Amazon Affiliate etc.

c) Sponsored Posts Writing - Product related to the domain of blog allows you to write articles on their product.

d) Guest post writing - Popular blogs can be contacted with the skills and expertise along with the peace of article to convey your potential. This helps not only in monetization but also gaining some genuine backlinks.

10) Social Media Interaction

The article can be shared across social media mostly with the help of the readers of a blog. This will help in growing the traffic of the blog. Unnecessarily sharing the website all the time on social media will affect the ranking of a website, As sharing the website or blog on social media platforms is not an organic way to boost the reach of a blog. At the initial stage, it can be done just to inform about the update.

11) Keep updating

Writing a blog is an unending process blogger must update readers according to the information updates in a market. This will help to engage the audience with the updated information. Also, the crawler and Algorithm prefer fresh content. Updating the blog time to time with recent changes will definitely help the blog in boosting the ranking of the respective article. It is better to have a regularity in updating the content, this conveys the message that the blogger regularly adds the article, and these articles are updated from time to time.

12) Create basic pages

Creation of important pages is necessary to let everybody especially search engine about the blog

About Us


Privacy Policy


These pages are necessary to inform search engines to evaluate the aim of blog and violation with community guidelines. Also, privacy became an important factor to be considered, so it has to be stated very clearly.

After completing all the steps mentioned above you can do the value addition by preparing some summarized table, infographics animated video to quickly convey your information concisely.

Design a blog as if you are selling some product, it must be interesting, adhered to facts, cause some meaningful value addition for readers. Always give an edge to the reader over monetization or optimization. The reason behind this approach is norms of optimizing and monetizing articles will keep changing from time to time but don't use at the cost of value to the readers.