How to select web hosting service in April 2022

Selection of Hosting Services in April 2022
Are you planning to design a website? Are you confused to select the best web hosting service providers? wait for a while and analyze the requirement using the points and summarized flowchart given below. This article is written to let you understand your business clearly, understand the expectation of your business from a website. Once it is clear then the appropriate plan selection is necessary, I meant the plan could be for small scale business, medium Scale business or very high resource-consuming business. At last, selection of a vendor (website hosting service provider) serving your requirement by offering the suitable hosting service in terms of requirements, budget, and features that are required which are not in a plan.

6. Selection of features required
7. Identify a frequency of Editing content 

1. Why do you want a website- One needs to focus on the expectation from a website. It is not just you develop a website and things will start rolling your business. Definitely, the website will provide authentic information about the business to increase the reach of the business to people. Along with the information display plan to reach the audience and serve them effectively must be ready. There are different types of businesses and they require different ways to interact with their audience.  So the website type and the plan supporting that website need to be specific.

Often a lot of website hosting providers and their different modes of hosting create confusion for a beginner regarding the selection of an appropriate plan. Based on the experiences that I had and expecting you may have a similar experience too; I wrote this article. This may help you in deciding the appropriate plan for your requirements.

Let me simplify the selection process for you.

I want to create my own profile - Often people want to make publicity of their work profile, skills to others. There is no involvement of any business. There are no complicated functionalities engaging the resources on the web. 

I want to build a website for conveying information- I know one place and I want others to know more about that place (or thing, person, etc). This type of website is static with hardly any contact us page and social media links. There is no expectation of any monetary outcomes, but the publicity of something with my credit.

I want to start a business by selling a product on a web - The website for selling a product or service, where the business-boosting is the expectation from a website. There are functionalities on a website providing the facility to view products, services and do the purchasing.

I want to use a website solely for Money Making - Nowadays a buzzword online earning, making money online, passive income attracts a lot of people to consider the website as a sole medium to earn money by performing some activities like content writing, Marketing, etc. The truth is it is possible to do that by selecting the business model working along with the website.

I am not saying these are the only types of websites, but some or other options must be closer to your anticipation. There could be totally different out of box design and expectation from a website, which needs to be identified. Isolate the website part from the business part.

2. Overview of the web hosting service selection-
To summarize this article, an overview of the web hosting service selection is represented with the help of a flow chart mentioned below. One can overview the flow chart and compare the situation with the respective component of this flow chart. 

How to select a web hosting service website in April 2022

3. Figure out a possible load on a website -

Once the aim of the website is decided, the next task is to predict the possible number of images, videos on a website, Animation or some effects required on a website. The size of the information available and generated on a website needs to be clear. The total number of visitors expected now and after say 5 years. All the things may not be clear at the start but a rough sketch will help you to strike out unnecessary options.

What if the calculation goes wrong?

If the predicted features are not sufficient, then, in that case, the plan needs to be migrated to the higher plan. If the customization in a specific feature is needed then it depends upon a vendor to provide you a separate plan or plan with extended features.


4. Relate skills that you have with skills required-

To develop a website and to add the functionalities needed to make the website work more effectively, Outsourcing or using the ready service will save time that can be utilized for strengthening the business. Using the third party service or to use dedicated service to use certain functionality is a very crucial decision. For example, if a website wants to display just a presentation or two in the form of a video then the use of third party service causes no harm to the business. If one wants to design a website to upload the videos of nature, in that case, relying on video publishing the third party is not a wise decision, because the business will get affected at the cost of efforts needed to design video publishing services.

Finalize the budget - Budget is an important aspect in selecting the premium or basic plan of website Hosting. The balance between time and money can be done by selecting the desired service with functionalities offered. There are some free plans available and there are plans where you need to spend a lot of dollars. It is up to the wisdom of the person to choose the plan according to the requirement considering the budget restrictions.

5. Select the suitable type of server - There are different types of servers available. Every server has some Features associated with it. Dedicated Hosting, Managed Hosting, Shared Hosting, etc. Basic information about these types of a server is necessary. Thumb rule is for minimal requirement select shared hosting and for more features and functionalities use dedicated servers. Almost on every website, you will find the description about the various plans and the features provided by the respective vendor (Note- The features and specification will vary from vendor to vendor, so read the details mentioned on their (vendor’s) website before purchase and ASK FOR THE RENEWAL DETAILS, IF NOT MENTIONED ON A WEBSITE)
If you want to design something which is not mentioned above, finalize your requirement, list out various functionalities that you require and based on that figure out tentative values of space, bandwidth, technologies, budget, etc. If budget is not a concern always keep some room for expansion and choose the plan allowing maximum resources than you see the various plans and their analysis check website hosting service providers in 2022.

There are different types of Hosting

1) Domain Hosting - Domain hosting is required to assign a name for a website, through which the entire website will become accessible. It is also called a URL. For example -
2) Shared Hosting - Multiple websites are residing at the same location virtually and physically as well. This option is selected by small scale business models.
3) Managed Hosting - The managed hosting, deals with websites hosted virtually at different servers and physically on the same server. Managed Hosting is specifically designed for Medium hosting.
4) Dedicated Hosting - In case of dedicated hosting, websites are hosted virtually and physically at different servers. Dedicated hosting service providers are designed for High-End businesses demanding a lot of resources, in terms of number, volume, and strength.
5) Virtual Private Server Hosting - These servers are also called a cloud server, where there is allotment of a separate server for every unit contributing to the Virtual Private Server. The task is divided by the Master server, tasks are distributed amongst various servers. Once the task is completed results are segregated at the server and conveyed to a client.
6) E-Commerce Hosting - Online shopping is implemented using E-commerce hosting. In this type of hosting, the capacity of the server must be offering a higher number of resources and also the strength of each entity must be higher.
7) Email Hosting - Emails are allowed to acquire space for a website using email hosting. For example,, where the size of each mail and the utility supporting this email is shortlisted.

To test the result with a low budget or no budget and then switch to the equivalent plan with higher scale. Find the article on Best 15 Free website hosting service providers in 2022

6. Selection of features required- Website Hosting is one of the several hosting options available for the building of a website. There is also Email Hosting, Domain Hosting. Based on the requirement of a website number of emails and space has to be decided. Regarding domain hosting, the .com domain is always better but you can use .org, .info according to the requirement.

Based on the type of business domain, the feature is to be selected. For example for the video displaying the website, data is more and it can be buffered while the video is playing to provide a better experience. Apart from the design, the hosting service provider should provide an ample amount of space to save the data and bandwidth to play the video. Similarly for online payment Gateway security should be a major concern, like this the featured plan is to be selected if the desired feature is not available then a custom plan with the respective feature can be opted.

7. Identify a frequency of Editing content - The term Content Management System lets you edit, manage the content on your own. If a website is some news or article publishing website then it is always advisable to use Content Managed System (CMS).

I hope this perspective to select a suitable web hosting service according to the requirement is useful. Before selecting any website hosting service, this type of analysis will help you to understand your expectations from the website. This will also help in tuning the business model to fit or synch with the website as it is a medium between user and owner. This analysis lets the owner of the website prepare the necessary arrangement. Appropriate measures are addressed to provide information about the business or to get the information from the user. This may help in improving and organizing business using the website.

There could be separate requirements based on the business. Therefore one may select the cost-effective solution for hosting a website. If the cost of website hosting is absolutely zero then it may help to immediately support transferring the ideas into reality by using 15 free website hosting service providers with analysis of each server in detail.

There are some services, which are important but not free, in that case, how to compare these website hosting service providers on the same ground? To simplify this comparison important features of some of the popular vendors mentioned - complete guide for website hosting using WordPress 2022.