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Top 20 ways to make money online for free in 2023?

Top 20  ways to make money online for free in 2023?

This is one of the enticing fields for many of us, who want to work online to make money. There may be two reasons to make money online -

Financial Freedom - There is no need to work from 10 to 6 for any organization, one can work from any place in the world and complete the work. Working hours and speed of working can be customized as per availability.

Extra income by working part-time - To effectively utilize the time after and before the job to start something like an owner, this helps in generating some extra funds along with the salary of the job that one is doing.

Since a lot of people want to explore this online money-making field, there is a possibility of scams. This means every way can not guarantee to make money online. In this article some of the ways to earn money online are discussed, a list of these different ways is mentioned below-

There are two categories in which the various ways can be divided

Active Income- In this case, one gets paid after performing some activity like Data entry, Freelancing, tutoring, Dropshipping, Marketing on social media, Consulting, Technical Support or customer care, crowdsourcing, Affiliate Marketing,

Passive Income- In this category user needs to create the thing like a product that can be used again and again like Articles, Images, Audio, Videos, App development, Paid Subscription

This does not mean that in the case of passive income there is no need to take any effort. The thing to be capitalized is to be created, updated, and checked with the market condition continuously.


  1. Data Entry Jobs
  2. Freelancing of skills
  3. Technical Support or Customer Care
  4. Online Tutoring
  5. Article writing
  6. Online Survey
  7. E-Commerce - Dropshipping
  8. Local business Modelling
  9. App development
  10. Consulting Agency
  11. Marketing on Social Media
  12. Affiliate Marketing
  13. Online Advertisement
  14. Paid Subscription
  15. Crowdsourcing
  16. Video content Generation
  17. Audio content Generation
  18. Image content Generation
  19. Review
  20. Click per Action

Data Entry Jobs-

There are different variants of data entry jobs available for users; wherein a user has to enter the details from the said source to online (digital format) format.

Online Data Entry- Data entry jobs where by looking at the online content the data is to be entered into the specified format. For example, there is an advertisement on the site Upwork to enter the data in a browser.

Offline Data Entry- This represents the typical, conventional form of entering the data into a given format. For Example to read and enter the data given on a prescription given by the doctor.

Captcha Entry- To detect whether the given user is legit or not Captcha is displayed and the said data is collected. This form of data entry may not be used for a genuine reason so It is least recommended.

Form Entry- Telecom industry, Bank collects the information about their customer and it is to be filled out using an online form so a person needs to enter that data.

PDF to word format- There are automatic converters available to convert the pdf to word so that it can be edited. But there are some specific forms or a version that does not support the conversion to word format. In this case, data is to be entered manually.

Skills Required-
Speed of data entry
Accuracy of entered data

Freelancing of skills-

There are various platforms available to have communication between job seekers and job providers. In this situation, a job seeker will mention his/her skillset with a sample of the available if any. The job provider conveys the time limit and the amount assigned for the work.

Upwork, freelancer are some of the options that one can choose to start the data entry
Technical Support or Customer Care - There are a lot of organizations that outsource support in technical and non-technical formats. This support could be the solution to the problem faced by the customer in the form of Tele-Calling and online troubleshooting.

SkillSet required
Domain Knowledge of Product or Service
Calling or online posting experience required

Online Tutoring-

Students require knowledge in a customized format according to the prior knowledge that they have. In school, it is not possible to specifically customize the teaching according to the requirement of each user. Here online mentoring can play a crucial role by conducting online sessions to teach the students.

There are various tools that one can use like Google Meet, Skype, WhatsApp, etc.

Skill Set Required
Knowledge expertise of the subject
Use of the Media to convey the session

Article writing-

In this approach, an article can be written for a website for earning the money. Individual websites can be published and monetization can be done by using Google Adsense, Media.Net, etc.

Skill Set Required-
Unique and useful Article Writing
Use of keywords to convey information to search engines and thereby the audience.

Online Survey-

Online surveys can be carried out for conveying the information for understanding the audience and interpreting the feedback about the product.

Skill Set Required-
Answer the questions asked based on the experience
Examples of this could be Google Opinion Rewards, Swagbucks, opinion world

E-Commerce - Drop Shipping -

Drop Shipping is to display a product and order it once the order about the product is placed. The person who is displaying the products contacts the manufacturer, adds margin and sells the product. Thus it acts as a virtual warehouse.

Skill Set Required-
Prior Communication with the Manufacturer
Communication With the delivery vendor

Website or Registration of product on e-commerce

Local business Modelling-

Preparation of an interface between products and Consumers within a city or specific region. For example, if I want to use the electric service I have to rely on local service to get faster access. For Example JustDial, Zomato, etc.

Skill Set required
Preparation of app or software to have the communication (or registration to the already available services)
Personal verification of the service providers and consumer especially the payment part

App development-

Mobile Application development is a good source of generating passive income. The application should serve the purpose of facilitating the Person. In comparison, it is a bit difficult because though there are some tools available, you need to get your hands dirty with coding.

Skill Set Required-
Coding for application design
Maintenance of App

Consulting Agency-

Based on the field of your interest and expertise you may start online consulting in legal, Construction, Financial or Technical fields. People will pay for your legit advice. In this case domain, expertise and experience are needed so that you can encash it.

SkillSet Required-
Domain Expertise
Interface to connect with people

Marketing on Social Media-

People want to increase their business by outsourcing their social administration. This includes creating branding on social Media Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, etc. This must act as a lead magnet for their business and the publicity and advertisement can be done by creating a social media handle. This is one form of direct advertisement.

Skill Required-
Use of features of each social media accordingly
Lead Conversions

Affiliate Marketing-

Affiliate marketing is a marketing strategy by selling the product or service commission is earned. For example, if you are an expert in Mobile troubleshooting and have good knowledge about the various features of mobile, etc. then by displaying the product on a website or anywhere else if the sale is done through your lead (Affiliate code or link) then the percentage of the profit is shared per sell.

SkillSet Required -
Experience or analysis for a better understanding of user
Add Feature and analysis is expected (otherwise basic information is available everywhere)


Crowdsourcing is one of the forms of testing the service or product by offering it to mass to see how people react to the features, interface, etc. In some cases, the people registered on this crowdsourcing platform are asked to perform certain tasks, as they are real people so the activity performed by them gives better feedback. Amazon Mechanical Turk is one example of this type of crowdsourcing.

Skill Set Required-
Honesty in performing the tasks

Video Content Creation-

Video is gaining momentum as far as the liking of a user is concerned. Social media platforms like Youtube and tik tok are used by every content creator from celebrities to ordinary users. Exposure to video content is more than any other form of content nowadays.

Skill Set Required-
Video Shooting
Video Editing

Audio Content Creation (Broadcasting)-

The audio content is also called a podcast. An organization like amazon started an audible section where you can listen to books etc. Marketing can be embedded in between.

Skills Required-
Audio recording
Audio Editing

Image Content Creation

Websites, and brochures require images to convey the message effectively. There are a lot of platforms to publish the image and start earning like Shutterstock, pixel, Pinterest, etc.

Skills Required -
Image Click
Image Editing

Review Writing-

One can start earning by writing a review about a movie, product or service. The review must be genuine, with proof of using the product. Frank and rigorous analysis are anticipated. For Example - Reviewstream

Skills set Required-
Writing an unbiased review
Detailed understanding and evaluation

Click per Action-

Click per action lets you raise the fund by performing the task which is asked to be performed. Swagbucks, and BugsBounty is some of the examples of CPA. It is also called Get Paid To (GPT).

Skills set Required-
Honest approach to performing a task


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