Best 15 Free website hosting service providers in 2022

Is it possible to really publish a website absolutely free? The answer is yes. There are some websites hosting services, which offer free web hosting. This facility is made available in various modes, that is unlimited functionalities are offered for a limited period or limited resources are allocated for an unlimited period.
Various parameters are considered while assessing the free website hosting service providers. There are some other important factors that are necessary but not covered to keep the assessment simple to comprehend. Space, bandwidth, platform supported, Advertisements, Other Unique and Important features these are the points considered for analyzing the free hosting.
In any form, it is beneficial for the person who wants to kickstart the process of website hosting. 
The services discussed in this article are from following website hosting providers.

1. Hostinger
2. Freewebhosting
3. FreeWebhostia
4. 000Webhost
5. Awardspace
6. HyperHP
7. Freehostingarea
8. Byehost
9. Infinityfree
10. Wix
11. Weebly
12. FreeScriptHost
13. Wordpress
14. Amazon AWS
15 Google Cloud

1. Hostinger - Hostinger provides various types of hosting like shared, VPS hosting, managed hosting etc. There paid services to host the website using the various modes of hosting. Hostinger also offers a free hosting facility. Details of the free hosting plan are as mentioned below-
A) Space - Hostinger provides a free space of 1000Mb, which suffices the basic website with limited Media.
B) Bandwidth- There is no restriction on the traffic.
C) Email - No email facility is explicitly mentioned.
DThe platform provided for Hosting - Wordpress Installation is available, this facility is important especially for the person who wants to start the website with the infrastructure and services offered by WordPress.
E) Advertisement- There are no advertisements displayed from the Hostinger.
F) Other Features - Free cloud Infrastructure, Support for php and MySQL is offered which is useful.
Free Website Hosting by Hostinger 2022

2) FreeWebHostia- FreeWebHostia offers free cloud hosting for one year and an account can be used for unlimited time with the specifications mentioned below.

A) Space - FreeWebHostia provides a free space of 250Mb, which suffices the very basic website. The site can hardly afford any High-end Media.
B) Bandwidth- There is 6 GB space allocated for Monthly Traffic. This is enough for any naive website, to start with.
C) Email - 3 email accounts are allowed but the size is specifically not mentioned.
DThe platform provided for Hosting - FreeWebhostia provides support for WordPress and Joomla. This helps in empowering the site with extra features.
E) Advertisement- There are no advertisements displayed from the FreeWebHostia.
F) Other Features - It provides support for 5 domains, 10 MB storage is provided for MySQL database.
Free Website Hosting by FreeWbHostia 2022
3) FreeWebHosting - 
This hosting service offers hosting of a website for a lifetime. The plan is enough for small or even medium business websites. The support provided for a hosted site is 24/7 even if the hosted website is using a free hosting
Free Website Hosting by FreeWebHosting 2020

A) Space - Hostinger provides a free space of 10 GB, which suffices any small or medium business website with sufficient data, media.
B) Bandwidth- There is an unmetered bandwidth allotment for the visitors. 
C) Email - 1 email accounts are allowed but the size is specifically not mentioned.
DThe platform provided for Hosting - FreeWebHosting supports Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP stack. It also supports the framework like Joomla, Wordpress, Abante, etc.
E) Advertisement- There are is no clear indication of displaying advertisements or not.
F) Other Features - Hosting service is free of cost for a lifetime. This is really interesting. Just buy a domain that's it.

4) 000WebHosting - There is a free hosting plan. The 000WebHosting is empowered by Hostinger. The analysis of the plan offered is as mentioned below
 Free web hosting by 000WebHost 2022
A) Space - 000WebHost provides a free space of 300MB, which is suitable for personal websites and small businesses with less requirement of the resources.
B) Bandwidth- There is a limited bandwidth of 3GB. 
C) Email - There are no free email accounts offered by 000WebHost
DThe platform provided for Hosting -It supports cPanel, PHP, MySQL. Also, free WordPress hosting functionality is offered.
E) Advertisement- There are no advertisements displayed because the plan is free.
F) Other Features - Free website building functionality lets you develop a website with comparatively fewer efforts.

5) Awardspace- Awardspace organization established in 2003. They offer free hosting and free reseller hosting, which is rare to see. The details of the free website hosting plan that they offer are as mentioned below
Free website hosting by AwardSpace 2022

A) Space - Awardspace provides a free space of 1 GB, this space is sufficient even medium-size company for hosting with limited videos.
B) Bandwidth- There is a limited bandwidth of 5GB. This space is also sufficient for Medium scale organizations with a moderate range of traffic.
C) Email - 1 email is offered by Awardspace. Space for the same is not mentioned.
DThe platform provided for Hosting - Wordpress and Joomla are supported, using these platforms you can design and host a website.
E) Advertisement- There are no advertisements displayed. Also, there will be no irritating messages F) Other Features - Three subdomains are offered for free, so total websites can be launched. 

6) HyperPHP- 
The specifications of the features offered by HyperPHP are as mentioned below.
Free Website Hosting at HyperPHP 2022

A) Space - HyperPHP provides a free space of 1 GB, this space is sufficient for a small and medium-size company for hosting a website. 
B) Bandwidth- Bandwidth or Traffic allowed for this plan is not mentioned.
C) Email - Number of emails offered s not clearly mentioned but it can be interpreted that there may be more than 1 email available by looking at the word "emails".
DThe platform provided for Hosting - Using free hosting service PHP and MySQL is supported.
E) Advertisement- There are no specifications about the advertisement on a website.
 F) Other Features - This free web hosting plan offers self-signed SSLs.

7) Freehostingarea-   FreehostingArea is offering free hosting since 2005, the site can be hosted for free as long as it gets organic traffic (Must be at least one visitor per month) and should not be dealing with adult contents.
A) Space - Freehostingarea provides a free space of 1.5 GB, This is enough even for Medium size organization. 
B) Bandwidth- Unmetered bandwidth is allotted but the size is not specified.  
C) Email - Email service is not specified under the specifications of free plan.
DThe platform provided for Hosting -  It supports PHP, MySQL, MariaDB platforms for website development.
E) Advertisement- Advertisements will not be displayed on a new website. There is an interpretation of advertisement once the site is old
F) Other Features - Website hosting with features mentioned above is free for forever.

8) Byet- 
Free Webhosting by Byet 2022
A) Space - Byet provides a free space of 5 GB. Space offered by this organization is sufficient for Medium Size and other business models as well.
B) Bandwidth- Bandwidth  offered is not mentioned on their website, but the term high bandwidth can be interpreted enough bandwidth needed for at least Medium size business
C) Email - 5 Emails are offered along with the free web hosting plan, size of each mail is not specified under the specifications of free plan.
DThe platform provided for Hosting - Support is provided for PHP, MySQL, 
E) Advertisement- There are no advertisements displayed with the free web hosting plan at Byet.
F) Other Features - Free SSL certificate can be added to Cpanel is an important feature.

9) infinityfree

Free Website Hosting by infinityfree 2022

A) Space - As the name indicates, a free infinity plan offers Unlimited disk space. This space is obviusly suits all forms of business.
B) Bandwidth- Unlimited bandwidth is offered.
C) Email - Number of emails are not mentioned on a website. 
DThe platform provided for Hosting - Support is provided for PHP, MySQL, Wordpress, Joomla is offered by the infinityfree  
E) Advertisement- Advertisements will never be displayed on a website.
F) Other Features - Free SSL service is offered to the DNS purchased.

10) WIX- This provides website design and hosting facilities. The site is popular for ready-made themes and design for a website with their editor. There are very few hosting details are available easily on this website.

A) Space - Wix offers 500 MB of space for hosting a website.
B) Bandwidth- 1 GB bandwidth is allotted for the traffic.
C) Email - Emails are not free here, as you click on email option control is redirected to their premium option, this offers you to select the Gsuit service to use the premium email accounts.
DThe platform provided for Hosting - It is not clearly mentioned, by their site has extension PHP.
E) Advertisement- There is no clear reference regarding the display of advertisements. But this can be interpreted that, Advertisements will never be displayed on a website.
F) Other Features - The best design templates are available on wix, the SEO, Responsive display every service is integrated to facilitate the user. 

11) Weebly- Weebly is popular for the premium quality of editor, themes, and templates. They provide free hosting for a website along with their other important services. Though I am not able to find the details regarding the features offered by weebly for website hosting.

12) FreeScriptHost - I have not seen the free hosting with such a feature. There is no time limit to use these features. Details of these features are as mentioned below.
A) Space - Unlimited space is offered for website hosting. 
B) Bandwidth- Unlimited bandwidth is offered to support the unrestricted volume of traffic.
C) Email - Unlimited number of mailboxes are offered by FreeScriptHost
DThe platform provided for Hosting - PHP, MySQL, Cpanel, Wordpress, Joomla is supported by this hosting service provider
E) Advertisement- No advertisements will be displayed on the website hosted at FreeScriptHost.
F) Other Features - Unlimited databases, Unlimited Subdomains, Free SSL Certificate these are the services provided by the vendor which are sufficient for any type of Business Model on a website.

13) WordPress - WordPress does not directly offer any direct website hosting with domain, but it allows to write a blog with WordPress just like a google blogger.

14) Amazon AWS - Amazon offers amazing option to host a website at Amazon using Amazon Free Tier and Lightsail. Website can be hosted for 12 months with no restriction of space, bandwidth, and other parameters. Static websites can be hosted on LightSail with Wordpress, Joomla, Magneto, LAMP, MEAN, Node, LEAN.

15) Google Cloud - The outclassed services of google are provided free of cost for a limited period of 12 months with limitations on usage of the resources as well.

Free Website Hosting by Google 2022
NoSQL storage of  5Gb is offered with Cloud storage of 1 GB, BigQuery 1 TB per month, Stack driver - 50 GB per Month. This is a different scale just trying to give you an overview of some of the statistics offered by Google.

Points to be considered while buying the free hosting service
1) Scalability - One may use the free website for initial cost-cutting, later on when the scalability is needed, that is higher bandwidth, space, Computation It will not be free and the cost of resource that you want to scale need to be calculated.
2) Renewal - Once the tenure of the free plan gets over, there should be a proper closure of the service from your end otherwise the usage of the resources will probably be charged.
4) Auto- Backup - Considering the extension of free service to paid or premium is not affordable in that case there must be backup of your site using the Auto backup regularly. If this facility is not available you have to manually take a backup. If you use extra resources or using it after free time you will be charged to activate your account.

If you really like the service provided by any of these free hosting providers, go for their paid or premium option. In many of the situations, it is observed that the comfort, hands-on experience on utilities is more important than the amount saved.

Happy Hosting!!!!