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12 website hosting service providers in 2022

12 website hosting service providers in 2022

A website is one of the most powerful tools used for publishing information about the products and services; also, it is used to provide the utilities associated with the same. Whether to develop a website or app? Both options are equally convincing, still for the utilities with less computation, and inputs app should be preferred. For example, finding the nearby restoration, wherein the user is asked to provide the input like location l, budget, and specific requirements if any. On the other hand, the application for filing the income tax returns require 100s of various fields, technically speaking the
computing power can be provided in an app but the user may find it difficult to interact.

Based on the business model developed one should use an app or website. A blog can be considered as a subset of both the utility app and the website. It is a description of the information hardly with any utility (In some articles website and blog are referred to as a website).

1) Bluehost
2) Siteground
3) Dreamhost
4) Hostinger
5) Hostgator
6) iPage
7) GreenGeeks
8) Hostpapa
9) Fastcomet
10) A2Hosting
11) InMotion
12) GoDaddy
Microblog is in a short description of the product or service.

The website is developed using Java, Python, PHP and .NET technology. The share is taken by these technologies in the market are as mentioned below.

1) Domain Name System (DNS)

Domain Name System (DNS) is the utilization of URL before going for the hosting, whoïslookup kind of functionality helps in revealing the associated information related to DNS. Also, these services suggest the possible combinations of URLs if the desired URL is used by some other organization. The cost of DNS is 600 yearly. One must also consider the cost of renewal of the domain. I paid thrice the cost of DNS purchase, considering the discount of purchasing it for two years.

There are different types of extension one can use as a DNS, based on the type of website or business, the required domain can be selected. In spite of the extension indicates the domain of the URL, there is one more factor called Search Engine Optimization(SEO), .com

extensions are most popular, based on their optimization. Domain renewal should not be confused with the renewal of hosting, as it different process altogether. A parked domain is a kind of domain that is purchased by someone and it is not renewed so it is publicly available.

2) Shared Hosting- To start the blogging or a website with a medium-size business model that is there is no need for high bandwidth, space, and speed. The shared approach allows users to share their websites with others logically and physically as well. As traffic grows, up-gradation to ha higher plan is necessary like dedicated or virtual.

3) Virtual Private Server(VPS) - Virtual Private Servers offers separate logically

3) Dedicated Hosting - Dedicated Hosting is for Moderate level business model where more traffic is expected. A dedicated mode of hosting offers separate logical and physical servers. The design, software, hardware can be customized.

4) Cloud Hosting- Multiple dedicated servers are working as one unit for effective processing of a website

Apart from these mainstream hosting, there are also WordPress hosting, email hosting domain hosting

Disclaimer- The details of plan and features are collected in April 2022, the changes occurred after the time will take some to get reflected in this article. The information mentioned is according to the experience and the data mentioned on the website of vendor is displayed here.

1) Bluehost-

Bluehost is one of the most popular web hosting service provider, Bluehost claims to manage, 2 million hosting. Few important features are as mentioned below
BlueHost- Website Hosting Service Provider 2022

DNS Hosting-
Easy Management of DNS- Bluehost provides, a better solution, especially for those companies with DNS and hosting, are hosted on different vendors platform.

Auto-Renewal- Services can set to auto-renew mode and can be revoked at any time.

Cost- Range of domains varies from 799$/year to 2499$/year for .com to .online TLDs.

Website Hosting

Free SSL- Free SSL certificates are installed automatically for hosted websites at BlueHost. This SSL facility is provided by Let's Encrypt vendor.

Money-Back Guarantee is offered by Bluehost.

Free backups- Free backups are offered with a website hosting plan.

Mentioned on WordPress website

Cloudflare CDN

2) Siteground

One of the most popular web hosting services, serving around 2,000,000 users.
SiteGround- Website Hosting Service Provider 2022

NGINX- The website hosted at SiteGround gets faster because of NGINX.
Free CDN- The content delivery network boosts the performance during the loading of a website.


Web Application Firewall - SiteGround offers the firewall to add the security with User-defined rules

AI- Anti Bot System - Artificial Intelligence-based bot system is used to avoid probable threats from outside.

4) Cost of Hosting - Hosting cost ranges from 3.95$ to 11.95$

5) Official partner of - Siteground is one of those three sites mentioned on the WordPress website. This helps in building the trust factor.

6) Free migration plugin- Siteground offers a free plugin to Migrate the website to WordPress hosting at the Siteground. In most of the cases, this migration is not free.

7) Performance Optimization- Content Delivery Network (CDN), cache memory, Image Optimization all these functionalities performed at siteground, improvise the performance.

8) Website Design- Wordpress and Weebly, platforms provide web design using an automated wizard or inbuilt templates.

9) Daily Backup - The data backup takes place on a daily basis at site ground.

10) Staging Tools- To test the performance of a website dummy is tested first and then it is applied to the actual site.

11) Dev Tool - WP- CLI and SSH access

3) Dreamhost
Dreamhost is Los Angeles based website Hosting service provided company. It is founded in 1996. Wordpress website three websites out of which DreamHost is one of the hosting options. Various types of services provided and their specifications are as mentioned below-
DreamHost - website hosting service providers 2022
1) Money-Back - DreamHost offers a money-back guarantee of 97 days. This time is sufficient to check the performance of services offered.
2) Unlimited Bandwidth and space- It is important to have the option of unlimited bandwidth and storage considering the scalability of the web applications without any up-gradation in plan (obviously from the perspective of space and bandwidth only)
3) Free SSL and Safeguarding- Rhe privacy of data is assured, Free SSL encryption is also important from the perspective of security and ranking as well.
4) Free professional email - Emails offered are unlimited and free for On a plan of 3.95$/Month and 1.67$/mail for starter plan which is 2.95$/Month.
5) Daily Backup - Dreamhost takes daily backup of data.
6) Free Transfer - Wordpress sites can be transferred free of cost.
7) Support for SVN and IPV6 is provided.

4) Hostinger- Hostinger is started in 2004, now company has 29 million users and subsidiaries in 178 countries. Details of the plans offered by the company are given below-
Hostinger - website hosting service providers 2022
1) 30 days Money back- Thirty-day money back guarantee is offered. 
2) Unlimited bandwidth and storage - Limited bandwidth are (100 GB ) offered for Single shared hosting for that of premium and business bandwidth is unlimited.
3) Unlimited MySQL databases -  One email is offered for Single shared Hosting. Unlimited mails are offered for business and premium accounts.
4) Daily data backups- Daily backups are offered only for business and premium plans.
5) Hostgator

Hostgator is one of the most popular web hosting companies, important features of the web hosting service of Hostgator are as mentioned below-
Hostgator- Website Hosting Service provider 2022 - Shared Hosting

Hostgator offers separate alternatives for each category like shared hosting, dedicated hosting, Managed Hosting, etc. for the sake of simplicity only various plans ate shared hosting are considered.
Constant Support- 24/7/365 support is provided to the websites hosted on Hostgator.

Money-Back Guarantee - The amount is returned even after 45 days, which is 15 days more than any other known money-back yack offer for website hosting.

Uptime - Hostgator provides the 99.90 % uptime

Cost- The cost ranges from 2.75$/Month to 5.95$/Month

Free credits- Clients of Hostinger Web hosting service gets 100$ credits of Google and Bing to improvise the search of the website.

Free SSL- Free SSL service is offered on the successful purchase of web hosting plan at Hostgator.

Web Transfer - Easier, web transfer service is provided, after completing the 60 days of purchasing the plan.

Website Builder - Automatic website building facility is provided.Weekly backup- Hostinger provides weekly backup of data, which is higher than most of the web hosting services providing the backup.

06) Ipage

iPage is a web hosting organization, working for almost 2 decades. The organization is committed to facilitating small scale organizations. The plan offered by iPage costs 1.99$/month. This is one of the unique hosting plan structure with a tagline "one fits all".
iPage- website hosting service provider 2022

Free Domain till 1 year- Along with the plan offered by the image domain offered free for the period of the year.

30-days money-back - ipage Offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for the website hosting.

Free emails- ipage offers free Unlimited email accounts.

Free Search Credits - To facilitate the search process page offers 200$.

Unlimited MySQL DataBase & Space - The unlimited database and space facility is available for MySQL.

Free SSL - Free SSL facility is provided by the ipage.

V-neck The V-neck service is provided by page for effective maintenance of the website.

24/7 Analysis- iPage provides support 24/7.

Website Builder- Website builder helps in building the website by minimizing development efforts.

07) GreenGeeks-

The organization is 12 years old, it invests in renewable energy thrice the energy consumed for the hosting a website at GreenGeeks. Important features observed are listed below. Greengeeks supports web hosting with the help of 5 different data centers.
GreenGeeks- web Hosting service provider 2022

CFS- GreenGeeks provides Virtual File system to isolate various websites. This adds extra security through the means of the container.

Free Domain - GreenGeeks allows to use of an unlimited number of free domains.

Free Migration - Inbound migration at GreenGeeks is free.

Free CDN - Content Delivery Network (CDN) improvise the loading speed of a website.

Free SSL - Https can be used along with the hosted website at GreenGeeks

Cost - Cost of website hosting varies from 2.95$/Month to 39.95$/Month

Money-Back Guarantee - There is a Money Back Guarantee of 30 days.

PowerCacher- The PowerCacher helps in improving the performance of the website by providing the cache.

Free Email Account - GreenGeeks offers Free unlimited email addresses with the plan purchased.

Free Website Builder - Website can be built with drag and drop approach without any technical expertise.

Litespeed Web Server - Greengeeks offers fast speed for databases MySQL or MariaDB.Scalable computing Resources-The RAM and Memory can be scaled according to the requirement of the user.

08) Hostpapa

Hostpapa- Website Hosting Service Provider 2022
Fast speed for premium plans - The improvised speed is offered premium plans.

Free Domain Transfer - Website transfer is free for Hostpapa customers.

Malware protection - Security is imparted with Malware protection for the sites hosted at HostPapa.

FreWebsitete Builder - Free website building facility is offered by the Hostpapa.

Free support for WordPress App - More than 400 WordPress app with WordPress hosting plan of HostPapa.

SuperMicro server combined with Cloudflare CDN-Free Cloudfare content delivery network

CPanel + Hostpapa dashboard- Hostpapa has their customised option to manage the site along with CPanel.

99.90 % uptime

Automatic backup and restore functionality with the premium edition

Support with self-help tutorials, 30 minutes one to one sessions

Free Let's Encrypt SSL

09) FastComet

Fastcomet started in the year 2013, more than 50,000 customers are served. There are 10 data centres across the globe.

FastComet - Website Hosting service Provider 2022
45 days Money-Back Guarantee - FastComet provides a money-back guarantee of 45 days and 7 days for VPS
Free Cloudflare CDN- Content Delivery Network of Cloudflare is free with the website hosting plan.

Site Transfer by the experts- website transfer from any other hosting service to FastComet is free.

Free 24/7 support -Support provided by the FastComet is 24/7.

Compensation on unused space- This one of the unique features of website hosting plan provided by FastComet, unused space is exempted from the billing for the period of 6 months

Website hosting Cost ranges from 1$/month to 5.95$/month

Free Let's Encrypt SSL- The SSL certificates used are provided by Let's Encrypt.

Unlimited webmail accounts - This one of the important features provided by the FastComet, that their unlimited email accounts.

Backups - the Backup facility is different according to the website hosting plan, for basic plan the frequency of backup is 7/30 days and for premium plan frequency is 30/30 days.

10 data centers with fast cloud infrastructure- The infrastructure for fast accession offers 10 data centres with cloud facility.

Unlimited, MySQL and MyAccess databases provided by the FastComet.

Website building with templates and 450+ apps are provided.

10) A2Hosting
A2Hosting- Website Hosting Provider 2022
Turbo Server- A2Hosting provides speed with the help of these turbo servers.

Free CDN- Free Content delivery network improvise the speed required for loading.

SSD- Solid-state drives improvises the latency by allowing to store the data using flash memory.

Free SSL- Free secure socket layer helps in encrypting the data especially for transmission.

Free SSH- Free secure environment for command execution.

Anytime Money Back Guarantee- This is one of the rare and unique offer in itself to claim for money back at any point of time.

Free Account Migration- website transfer is free from other hosting services to A2Hosting.

99.9 % uptime - Uptime is 99.9%

24/7 Guru Crew support - The support system works 24/7 under the heading Guru Crew.

Cost of website hosting ranges from 3.92 to 99.59 USD

11) InMotion

The plans of Inmotion are designed without compromising or intentionally weakening the basic plan. The basic plan of InMotion is potential enough with all necessary features, this is rare to see.
InMotion - website Hosting service provider 2022

Free SSD- InMotion offers free support for Solid-state drives, which improvise the performance of the website in comparison with Hard drive.

90 Days Money-back Guarantee- InMotion offers 90-Days Money-back guarantees for any web hosting plan, this period is comparatively more in comparison to other web hosting service providers.

Secure IMAP mails - The inMotion email system supports IMAP to securely communicate through the mail.

Freedom to choose data centres - InMotion allows selecting the desired data centre to improvise the performance of a website.

Data Backup- Automatic data backup facility is provided, the developer or administrator of a website need not to manually take a backup from time to time.

Free Domain - InMotion offers free domain hosting after purchasing the web hosting plan.

No Downtime- The uptime for this site is 100 %, this is also one of the rare features to mention number 100, reflecting the guarantee of uptime.

12) GoDaddy

GoDaddy is one of the leading hosting service providers with a huge customer association of 17 million.

Daily backup and disaster recovery - Daily backup facility along with the recovery option to recover the data.

Free WordPress drag and drop editor - Along with the hosting plan free drag and drop feature is provided.

Cost of website hosting varies from 2.49$/month to 4.99$/month

Website support is 24/7.
This analysis may help you in selecting a suitable website service provider. It depends upon the exact requirement of a website a suitable plan can be considered.


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